A better life found

Luis Sanchez’s biggest wish is that Centro San Juan Diego will continue to deliver the same help he once received.

“It’s a place that can change your life, and a great place to get prepared for life in America,” said Luis, a husband and father of three children in Aurora. “I hope they continue to help others.”

Centro, a ministry in downtown Denver that provides faith formation and educational services to enrich the lives of Hispanics, changed Luis’ life. He first heard about it on the radio and signed up for some classes.

Luis started with an English class and small-business class.

“Centro helped me to start writing and pronouncing a lot of words,” he shared. “It helped me to be more open and not be afraid to speak.”

Originally from Mexico City, Luis came to Colorado to work in the construction business. After some time, he decided to start his own company. Through classes, Luis learned management, accounting and registering his business with the secretary of state.

“They helped me to save money, too,” he shared.

Good practices with personal spending, including credit card management, helped him better manage his finances.

That wasn’t the end. Luis craved to learn more. He signed up for computer classes and has ambitions to earn his GED through Centro.

“I needed to learn more,” said Luis, who attends Queen of Peace Parish in Aurora. “It’s amazing. The teachers are also patient in teaching.”

Luis said Hispanics love America and only want to learn more.

“To all the people at Centro, I want to say thanks a lot,” he said. “I really appreciate it.”