A deal with God

“When I was preparing to take the bar exam in San Diego, I made a deal with God. I told him if he gives me a chance to become a lawyer, I would spend my life helping the disadvantaged. I passed the exam. Now my life is focused on giving. I deepened my faith in college and had first my experience with the joy of giving there. I volunteered with my girlfriend, Susan, and we later married. When newlyweds, we had $500 in our bank account. Giving was still important to us. We volunteered to help at Sunday school, cook meals for mothers and children, and handed out food in sandwiches line for the homeless. After a career as a business litigator, I took over my family business and later sold it. We had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a meaningful gift, and we made it to minister to the poor and homeless. That is most dear to our hearts. My wife and I believe we have a purpose in life—to serve our fellow man. We couldn’t stand by and not be there for people. We’ve taken to heart what Jesus told us, that to whom much is given, much is expected. We’ve been blessed to be in a position to help others. I can’t imagine not doing it.”


Scott Brown Portrait - Catholic Foundation Alliance

Scott’s take on giving

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is considering giving? 

A: Take the leap. I would say take the leap because the rewards are so much more than you anticipate going in. It’s difficult to fully understand until you’ve done it. I think it’s true both with financial giving as well as giving of time and talent. It’s hard to realize how much joy you receive until you actually do it and you give your time. You see how it changes people’s lives. I was inspired, and the Holy Spirit told me to get out there and serve. It’s been awesome.