Bishop Machebeuf High School

Foundation laid for entrepreneur

Wendy Skaalerud came to Bishop Machebeuf High School her freshman year, feeling out of place. “My family moved around so often, I really didn’t have a community,” said Wendy, an Illinois native. “I felt like a fish out of water, because I think there’s a tendency for these groups of kids to know each other…

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Finding Christ while at Machebeuf

Before Claudia Perez came to Bishop Machebeuf High School, she lacked a relationship with Christ. “I knew about the books of the Bibles, the names of the Apostles and where Jesus died,” the 18-year-old graduate described. “But that was it. I didn’t have a spiritual connection. At Machebeuf, I was introduced to Jesus Christ—not just as…

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Bill Wagner

When Bill Wagner gives to Bishop Machebeuf High School, he strives to be the hands of Christ on earth. “As it says in Scripture, we’re all ambassadors of Christ,” Bill said. “Jesus needs our eyes, hands and feet on earth.” Bill, who supports Denver-area Catholic high schools through scholarships, made it his mission to serve…

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