Grace of Giving

Giving for heaven

John and Carol Saeman

“We believe in this life-changing truth—the more someone gives, the more they receive. It seems like the more we give to support the Church, the more resources are available for us to give. We support the Church because it has a mission consistent with our deep Catholic faith. We each had humble beginnings growing up…

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A deal with God

“When I was preparing to take the bar exam in San Diego, I made a deal with God. I told him if he gives me a chance to become a lawyer, I would spend my life helping the disadvantaged. I passed the exam. Now my life is focused on giving. I deepened my faith in college and…

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When giving spreads faith

“When we give, we want others to know we have faith in them and are willing to help them succeed. It has an impact. Giving is a way to express our belief in a cause and in God. We are both Denver natives and grew up with families where giving was a natural part of…

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