Lisa and Brad Golter

Lisa and Brad Golter

Lisa and Brad Golter say Holy Family High School gives them hope.

Their four children received the benefits of a rigorous and faith-filled Catholic education at the Broomfield school—the same kind of education they wish for future generations.

“Your kids are everything to you. When they’re involved, busy with classes and in sports—it’s something we wanted to be a part of,” Lisa said about supporting the school. “Then we saw the quality kids that are graduating from Holy Family, and it gives you hope for the future.”

The Golters became motivated to give their time, talents and treasure to support the archdiocesan high school in educating the future leaders of the community. Brad coaches the Holy Family boys’ junior variety basketball team and helps with the varsity team. Lisa serves on the annual Tiger Gala fundraiser committee. They’re also involved with special events at the school and donated to the capital campaign.

“The faith is number one there, and we love the quality environment students are exposed to,” Lisa said. “All those things wrapped together makes it worth the money for us.”

Brad, a native Coloradoan, and Lisa, who hails from Madison, Wis., decided to send their children to Catholic school. Some of Lisa’s best memories come from her days as a student at Blessed Sacrament School in her hometown. Brad, who converted to the faith after they married, also saw the worthwhile investment in a solid education. Their four children first attended St. John the Baptist School before attending Holy Family. When the couple isn’t running their business, Longmont Florist, they’re spending much of their time at school.

They already see the fruits in their children.

Their oldest, 23-year-old Nate, co-founded the first Catholic fraternity at Colorado State University in Fort Collins with some other Holy Family classmates.

“That’s a huge pat on the back for Holy Family High School,” Lisa commented about her son. “Here you have these kids who are committed to their faith and bring that through college.”

Their other children Amy, 20, who attends Colorado State University, and Luke, 19, who attends Colorado School of Mines, said they were well prepared for college. Their youngest son, Joe, will graduate from Holy Family in 2017.

Much of the credit goes to Kairos, Lisa said about the school’s “soul-searching experience” for juniors. Every year students spend time off campus with their class to reflect on God’s love and deepen a relationship with him. Juniors participate in the Kairos retreat that inspires them to love their neighbor and live their faith after graduation.

Youth today are easily drawn into an attitude of entitlement, but Kairos helps build character and compassion, she said.

“I think youth have lost character and compassion for their fellow man, but I think at Holy Family and with Kairos, and with all the opportunities, students open up and see life beyond themselves. It gives you hope that the old-fashioned values of man aren’t lost.”

Giving to the high school is part of their larger mission to serve others.

“It’s fulfilling our call from God to give, which we are all called to do,” Lisa shared. “There’s also the personal satisfaction of making a difference and helping others. We’re both compassionate people, and we see that as a big benefit to give up our time and give money.”

The education of the whole person, rigorous academics, a foundation in faith and strong community make the school their choice for giving long after their kids have graduated, they said.

“We take tithing seriously. We take what God expects of us seriously. And Holy Family fits,” Lisa said.


Lisa and Brad Golter - Catholic Foundation Alliance


Lisa and Brad’s take on giving

Q: Describe a time when someone gave to you. What was your experience?

A: Three years ago I went through breast cancer. When going through that experience, I received an outpouring of gifts, dinners and supportive notes. People rallied around me. It was a boost to have that kind of support from friends and the community.

Q: What do you think are the benefits of giving?

A: A benefit for us is fulfilling our call from God to serve others. We’re all called to do this. Secondly, there’s personal satisfaction in making a difference and helping others. It’s the right thing to do. We’re both compassionate people, and we see a big benefit in the ability to give our time and resources to support Holy Family High School.