When giving spreads faith

“When we give, we want others to know we have faith in them and are willing to help them succeed. It has an impact. Giving is a way to express our belief in a cause and in God. We are both Denver natives and grew up with families where giving was a natural part of life. We met through a mutual friend and married. Now we have three grown children and five grandchildren. We are extraordinarily blessed. We have led successful careers in telecommunications, private equity, commercial real estate and education. Truly, to whom much has been given, much is expected—this resonates with us. We feel called to share some of that good fortune, even in a small way. We are passionate about supporting education—it’s the best opportunity a child has at a successful life. We feel humbled by other’s generosity and called to continue to share our blessings. Ultimately, we want to share Christ. We only hope that by giving, others feel our faith in them.”


Jack and Judy Pottle Portrait - Catholic Foundation Alliance

Jack and Judy’s take on giving

Q: What advice would you give to someone else who is considering giving?

A: Find something that resonates with you. For us, it became education. Also find something where you can provide not only financial support but a skill. Time, talent and treasure are all needed to support a cause. It takes team work to make it happen.